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Buy sour diesel cartridge.. This hemp strain contains 200mg pre-filled CBD cartridge. Our other strains of CBD pre-filled cartridges are Pineapple Express and Northern Lights.

Ingredients: Broad Spectrum Hemp, Cannabis Oil, Polypropylene glycol (USP), vegetable glycerin (USP), Sour Diesel Terpens.

Known in the industry as a strain that induces creativity and imagination, Sour Diesel is a fave among those who create, such as graphic artists, painters, and writers. Slightly skunky and highlighted by a rubbery smell, this hemp strain gives off a potent diesel-like aroma – hence its name. Though high on the skunk-o-meter and decked out with winding orange hairs, Sour Diesel renders quite a clear-headed feeling. It’s a perfect choice for daytime.Buy sour diesel cartridge…

Buy Sour Diesel oil cartridge online today!  These elite, cannabis distillate oil cartridges by Buddies are just as effective as they are tasty!  Sour Diesel is an extremely popular sativa weed strain known for its citrus, diesel taste and smell.  This strain has been around since some time in the ’90s when it was first bred by crossing hybrid Chemdawg 91 and indica Super Skunk.  Sour Diesel is very popular with medical patients due to its fast-acting cerebral high.  Feelings of stress, depression, and pain quickly melt away as an energetic, euphoric high envelopes both body and mind.  This cartridge hits and tastes amazing all while boasting 88.10% THC!  Sour Diesel oil cartridges are available online for free weed delivery in Portland, Oregon.


3.9 ★
THC: 68.94 %CBD: 0.34 %CBN: 0.77 %

Classic Brass Knuckles’ Sour Diesel Cartridge is known for its fast acting cerebral effects easing stress, pain, and depression. This pungent sativa delivers an energizing diesel aroma leaving long-lasting eccentric relaxation.

You will need a 5-10 thread battery that does 450mah and above to use this cartridge.


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